{June 17, 2010}   Funny….

Sometimes, being in a relationship, it must be a MUST that couple should be happy for what they share for each other. It clearly is your post to regain strength or even be inspired to whatever you are doing. I love him. Really. And I am not saying that I am cheating on him.

I am choked. I am choked to every demands he is asking. Demands that I am OBLIGED to compliment. It really is choking me. Until, I realized, what is it about him that each demand I am obliged and it is a must to meet those expectations. I am not demanding him of anything. I managed to prolonged that patience and being understanding. Until a very big question pops on my mind. WHY?

I don’t want to expect from him any longer. I don’t want to confront him of his shortcomings. Again why?

I want my freedom. Freedom to think… Freedom to find myself. Why?

I noticed, there is 1 “what” and 3 “why”s already to think about this relationship. Again, why? This time, its not normal.

By this time, I am single. It made me a realization, with all the whys I had, an answer filled the blanks. And that is  ” I forgot MYSELF”.


{June 13, 2010}   The Hell

I came across a woman this morning wherein i saw her so refined that anyone a woman should look like. She is enjoying striding herself walking the street. Suddenly, a question pops on my mind. Why is it I don’t have a body like hers?

Of course, an answer compromises that question. ITS because SHE has A LOT of time to think of herself.

Another question again…  “What am I doing? I am now 29 years old and all I think of is work. I am on my way to computer shop to work on a deadline, holding bunch of bank statements and what?”

I wandered, what did I miss? I am stuck at responsibilities I have and yet how am I? Anytime my boyfriend would replace me because of what I looked like. It hurts when reality strikes back. You know be ready for anything may happen and break your heart with so many women having that kind of confidence and appearance.

The hell.

{June 6, 2010}   Take care Quel


We had common hardships. We had common (charuz) . I missed teasing her to hmmmm……… (fill in the blanks).

Describing quel:

This petite girl has  surprisingly huge courage and braveness… Matapang pala si quel…. heheh…… I’ve seen her that brave through being impatient.  When she’s mad she never stops talking. hehe. This week will be her last week at ABG. IIwanan ako ni quel sa APPCO…. huhuhu…

Again, like what I said at Lorenz, good luck and thank you so much. Nice knowing you. I will miss you talaga… You know naman na kinukuha ko strength ko through sa inyo ni Lorenz. Now that both of you will not be at my sight any longer, I dont know saan ako huhugot ng lakas.

You made me comfortable sa office. Kahit makulit ako sa office, hindi mo ako sinusungitan. Maybe may minsan lang…. I will miss you quel.. I’ll see you at boracay…..

{June 6, 2010}   Goodluck Lorenz….

Describing Lorenz:

I first met Lorenz at 28th floor Tower one as one of of my colleagues at ABG (Ayalaland Businesscapes Group). I thought he is some matured gentleman and a grown man. Yet, he is one of the sensitive and unique man I’ve known.

I enjoyed his company being influenced with his likes like watching Glee and How I met your mother. At least i feel like I am almost at his age (age 22) having so many topics , mostly a carefree issues.  Well, I know, he never enjoyed my company maybe because of our age gap.

You will never get bored with his company. Many of his friends will treasure him as I treasure him.

I wrote this blog because he will be gone at ABG.He had his last day at ABG last friday. He knows that many of us are going to miss him. I guess it is hard to find our own Yogi Bear at office.

To you Lorenz,

Good luck to your next step. We will see each other again I know… Our Boracay is coming……. I will not bid farewell to you my friend. I am just a text  away and surely, I will be here for you as your friend. Thank you so much and Good Luck…..

{June 6, 2010}   Friendships

I was able to watch how I met your mother and had finished season 1.  It is a comedy sitcom and story of 5 friends surviving life being single. Well, i really envied their friendship. It is so hard having one like theirs. You know, having friends with uncommon interests. Sometimes, parted ways can be a hindrance to friendship. We meet new people at work, different schedule and different lifestyles.With different plans in life that we hardly see each other. As for the 5 characters, they find ways to chit chat at a bar. How I missed my friends? Well, I’ve tried keeping up with them and even initiate a gathering.

Am I not that treasured friend? Wuhuhuhu…

{June 6, 2010}   June 1 to 7, 2010

This is my first time having my own blog. I am just bored with my life and maybe this is my way of reviewing my life as boring as it is. Hoping to have a great year this year.

Well, I don’t want to describe my whole 29years here in my blog. Just to demonstrate how bored it is.

My week (June 1 to 7) is fine. I was busy with my financial reports. I am doing three of five financial reports. I just cant imagine how I was able to cope up. Thanks to my manager. By next month end closing. I’ll be doing two of them. Not only doing the two financial reports but I think I’ll be assisting and reviewing financial reports of the five. How am I going to do it.?

I just don’t know if its a credit to me entrusting the load to me. I fear of not doing it just fine. Well, as for the whole week, I was able to submit it before the deadline. It is almost done except for some finishing touches. This is my first time to handle such great loads.

Assist? I was kinda disappointed with some co- workers. I asked for assistance but no prompt action was done.

I moved to a new apartment. Everything is fine except for my cable tv which wasn’t working well. I am living with my sister and it is just the two of us in the room. Price of the apartment is right, the location is so so right and so is the room.

What would it be this week?

et cetera